We want to create 2 power platform environments:

  1. one for testing and development

  2. the other for production

now the environments will mainly contains:

  1. Solutions for connecting Power Apps and Power Automate with SharePoint lists and libraries..

so i am not sure what i need to define inside those 2 settings "Add Dataverse data store" & "Pay-as-you-go with Azure" ??

enter image description here

per my knowledge since we are going to create solutions, then we will need dataverse... even if our data sources are SharePoint and not Dataverse?

for the Pay-As-You-go >> if i check it >> i will get that we do not have any billing policy:-

enter image description here

Any advice?

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As you are planning to use the solutions for connecting Power Apps and Power Automate with SharePoint lists and libraries, you will have to set Add Dataverse data store? to Yes.

You can ignore Pay-as-you-go with Azure? option and set it to No as it is not required for your development scenarios.

You can read more about Pay-as-you-go with Azure plan in Power Platform at this Microsoft official documentation:

Pay-as-you-go plan


According to your description, you will involve connecting Power Apps and Power Automate with SharePoint lists and libraries, so you will likely need to add a Dataverse data store to your environments. This will allow you to store metadata for your solutions and manage data relationships. Additionally, you can opt for the Pay-as-you-go with Azure setting, which will allow you to pay for Dataverse usage by the environment instead of requiring 1 GB capacity. To set up Pay-as-you-go, you will need to create a billing policy in the Power Platform admin center using an Azure subscription of your choice, and then specify that billing policy when creating a new environment.

For your reference:


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