We have 2 data-verse tables named Invoices & Accounts + 2 SharePoint lists named Invoices_Logs & Accounts_logs. the dataverse tables will contain the actual values and the SharePoint lists will act as the logs for the updates.

now we are trying to create a power automate flow which will update the SharePoint lists with what have been updated on the Invoices & Accounts dataverse tables (we are updating the dataverse tables using Power Apps canvas app).

So for example; let say a user update the Invoice type field from "Personal" to "Enterprise" + update the Invoice Balance from "10" to "20" and save the changes. so can we capture what has been changed using Power Automate flow and update the SharePoint lists accordingly . so in this case the Invoices_Logs SharePoint table will have this value:-

Invoice Type. old value = Personal / New value = Enterprise. Balance. old value = 10 / new value = 20

so can we have a Power Automate flow which run when dataverse item got updated and capture the fields that has been modified ? currently i am planning to do this inside the Power App, so i will store the old values inside a variable and when submitting the data i will compare the old values with the new values entered by the user. but this is a length work, so i am trying to do it in a smarter way using Power Automate?

Any advice?


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You can make use of this Power Automate Template When a record is updated in Microsoft Dataverse, send an email

make modifications in the flow to update the SharePoint log lists instead of sending the record changes as email.

Also, you will get more solutions from here

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