We have sharepoint 2013 site collection, which have 70 sub-sites. now some document libraries contain OneNote documents. so i want to search all the site collection and its sub-sites, to be able to get all the OneNote documents. now i try to do a searching using this search criteria .one but i got many documents which are not OneNote. so can i search the site collection using file types?

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    Use filetype:one. This will only get the single pages as the acutal file/notebook is a zip with the extension onetoc2. Searching for 'onetoc2' will give you all the links to each notebook, but they are unhelpful as it can be hard to determine what Notebook you actually are opening. – Christoffer Jan 21 at 13:35
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    IsDocument:TRUE FileType:one – Marko Tica Jan 21 at 13:59
  • @MarkoTica thanks for the reply. yes inside the built-in search box i typed IsDocument:TRUE FileType:one and i got a list of one note files. now i do not have much knowledge about OneNote files, but will IsDocument:TRUE FileType:one covers onenote document which have extension = onetoc2?? – SharePoint TestDev Jan 21 at 14:02
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    You could try with IsDocument:TRUE FileType:one* this will return all files with .one and .onetoc2 (.onetoc2 is OneNote table of contents file) – Marko Tica Jan 21 at 14:10
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    * is wildcard (FileType:one* will return all .one and .onetoc2 files) techmikael.com/2014/12/limit-search-results-to-documents.html – Marko Tica Jan 21 at 14:57

This query will return .one files

IsDocument:TRUE FileType:one

This query will return .one and .onetoc2 files


"*" is wildcard (FileType:one* will return all .one and .onetoc2 files).

IsDocument:TRUE returning documents .one and not .onetoc2 so you have same results.


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    OK thanks for the reply. now i run this search FileType:one* and still i am getting the same results as IsDocument:TRUE FileType:one* & IsDocument:TRUE FileType:one .. So my conclusion is that, maybe i do not have .onetoc2 files. or .onetoc2 is excluded from the search (although i have never define any thing inside the search service to exlcude .onetoc2 files!!) – SharePoint TestDev Jan 21 at 16:18

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