I have a SharePoint list checkbox multi-select column that contains a list of products. In InfoPath, when I bind that column to a multiple selection listbox control the values show up as:

_ Enter Choice #1

_ Enter Choice #2

_ Enter Choice #3

How do I get it to show the actual values from the SP list column itself? I'm expecting to see something like this:

_ Product Name 1

_ Product Name 2

_ Product Name 3



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Are you customizing the list form using InfoPath?

You can drag a field from Fields to add it to the form instead of adding a new multiple selection list box control.

  1. Under DATA tab, click Show Fields to display fields.

    enter image description here

  2. Drag your field from the Fields and drop it to the form where you want

    enter image description here


By default, the Multiple Selection list box sets the entries to be added manually, so it shows to you like this

enter image description here

To get Product list InfoPath, try to do the following:

  • Create a secondary data with your product list.
  • Right click on Multiple Selection list > Properties.

  • Select "Get choices from" an external data list to get data from your secondary connection or "from fields in this form" to get choices from the current form!

enter image description here

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