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1 answer

In a graph search query, is it possible to retrieve per each listItem, their parent name?

I make a POST query to /search Graph API, with the following body: { "requests": [ { "entityTypes": [ "listItem" ], "...
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1 answer

Microsoft Graph : $filter/ $search query parameter, cannot find any documents

My document library hierarchy is like this: I try to use the Graph API to extract some information or documentations from my Document Library in SharePoint Online, for instance: GET https://graph....
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2 answers

How to get the graph site ID of the current using V2.0 REST Endpoint?

I'd like to perform some operations that are only available using the GRAPH Api (adding content from the content type hub for example). But I'm in a context where I can only perform operations using ...
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How to know if I can trust an SPFX webpart?

I am in the process of implementing an spfx webpart but before I need to make sure it is not a security threat. From researching I was not able to find if there is any way to run a check or provide a ...
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1 answer

get sharepoint public image using graph api

I want to get a public URL to get the images of a list column using the graph API When using the sharepoint REST API I could do it this way:
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Guest User access to Tenants Graph API

I am currently facing an issue with a requirement that was presented to me, and i would like to ask you guys on possible ways of solving it. The requirement is to enable External/Guest users to have ...
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2 answers

Getting the Graph ID for a SharePoint document using the CSOM or REST api?

If we are crawling sharepoint online, we can access these data from API using: MS graph API or SharePoint REST API (CSOM, ODATA) All of our code uses the CSOM rest API for SharePoint. But, for each ...
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