I have created a list called "Phone Messages" with a People/Groups column called "Recipient", and a view that displays if the recipient is equal to [ME]. If I try to get an RSS feed from the view, it interprets [me] as the creator of the view (the administrator), not the user. I know getting an RSS feed from a view is possible, so it's a problem with the [ME] tag and RSS that won't recognize the user. The view on the site works properly, however.

Background: My office doesn't have answering machines, and messages are delivered on Post-It notes. We've just started implementing MOSS 2007, and the users are reluctant to go to the SharePoint site.
I don't want to clog Outlook with everyone's messages. This isn't a security issue (I know that using a view isn't secure), it's an attempt to get everyone using some of the services SharePoint provides. Old habits, etc.

I'm looking for either a word-around for this problem (that doesn't include making a view for every single person), or at least an explanation for why the [ME] tag doesn't work for this.

Thanks for your time


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Ack!!! You are cheating on me! I thought I was giving you the goods over here:


I hope you get it in the end, whichever forum that may end up being on.

  • Sorry. Got greedy. Excellent help on endusersharepoint!
    – Anonymous
    Aug 3, 2010 at 19:57

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