I have a document library in place so that users can bulk upload files. Now, in the edit form I am using http://spcd.codeplex.com/ within a CEWP so users don't have to scroll through a 200 item lookup.

However, the library only seems to work on lists, and not the document library (I don't know why, my javascipt ability is extremely limited). And I know the library works and my syntax is correct as I have it working for multiple lists.

So what I would like to do is copy the documents on upload using a SPD workflow, but that is throwing an error (column mismatch probably).

Does anyone know of a way to accomplish the move? Looking for either no code or client side code only.

Or, if someone has an alternate solution for the cascading drop downs.

Thanks, Patrick

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I created a SPD workflow to create a list item and used a hyperlink field to link to the document


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