I have a SharePoint list where I'm creating a custom galley view. The list contains a yes/no column (named isOwner) which defines if a listed team member is owner or not.

In the JSON for the galley view I now want to display text according to the setting in the yes/no column. If the value is set to yes (true) it should write 'Captain', else 'Crew'. But it always displays 'Crew' no matter which condition I choose.

My code so far:

"txtContent": "=if([$isOwner] == true, 'Captain', 'Crew')"

Use this:

"txtContent": "=if([$isOwner], 'Captain', 'Crew')"


enter image description here

  • So quick and easy. Thx
    – Der_Fab
    Apr 12 at 10:00

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