Please, help me with understanding SP Search logic.

I have some list. The “Title” field in this list can have values like “iso 8841271.050-2017”, “sto 89-11.05-17”, “lt 8841271.082-2019”.

I created custom SharePoint Advanced Search Web Part and added property restrictions “Title”. I enabled "Complete Matching" for Title managed property.

Now I can find documents by full Title only, for example "sto 7702.002-2009". I haven't search results if I try to find by Title contains "7702.002" or "7702*". Without "Complete Matching" I have opposite problem. In this case, Search doesn’t return results if I try to find document by full title "sto 7702.002-2009".

For example, if I try to find by “sto 7702.002-2009” title value the search returns no results. But if I search for “7702” value, I can see the documents with part “7702” in Title. About Title managed property parameters:

  1. Type: text
  2. Search Ability: yes
  3. Queryable: yes
  4. Possibility of extraction: yes
  5. Allow multiple values: yes
  6. Refinement Support: no
  7. Ability to sort: no
  8. Safe for anonymous users: no
  9. Nickname: no
  10. Marker Normalization: no
  11. "Complete Matching": no

I would like to get results by parameters “sto 7702.002-2009”, “7702.002-2009” and “7702”. Would be grateful for any help.

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The issues you are facing are known issues. There are limitations on how the Keyword Query Language (KQL) works. Here is the documentation for the same. Please go through this for complete understanding of how to search and how to write queries.

  • And if the request doesn't include special characters, for example request Title contains "030". My Site.com/My page.aspx?k=Title:"030" The Search Results return documents with “Title” contains “030” and document with “Title” contains “it 40/276/30-6-1” (for example) and it is not right too. Which managed property parameters influence this behaviour?
    – Anonymous
    Feb 3, 2020 at 12:20
  • I found this strange Search behaviour. I try to find documents with title "sto kpp 8841271.uit.5.09.43-2019" I get no results. The URL after request looks like MY SITE/SitePages/Results.aspx?k=DocTitleISM%3A"sto kpp 8841271.uit.5.09.43-2019" When I deleted ' " ' in URL: MY SITE/SitePages/Results.aspx?k=DocTitleISM%3Asto kpp 8841271.uit.5.09.43-2019 it works fine. How can I send request without " ?
    – Anonymous
    Feb 6, 2020 at 9:42

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