In Sharepoint Online (Office365 post-update) I created a custom managed property mapped to a custom crawled property. Both the source field and the managed property are set to type Yes/No. The managed property is also set to Queryable and Retrievable (but not searchable).

I have been unable to create a search query that returns any records using this managed property. I have tried all combinations of =false and = no, with and without quotes, operators = and :, etc.

I am able to query on other managed properties using :, but can't find a functional syntax for yes/no properties.

I tried posting my question in the Office365 SP forums, but they directed me here. I'd appreciate if someone could please provide the correct syntax for a query on a yes/no managed property. Ultimately I'd like to set it up as a results source. Thanks.

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WHERE (YourProperty LIKE '1') should get you the result you want, use 1 for "TRUE" and 0 for "FALSE"

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