I have a field of type Person or Group in the list, different users will access this list, i don't want the other users pick another users from the drop down to create for them requests.

In this field i just want to show their current email when they type their name, so he can only pick his/her name.

For example in this field my name is not Sandeep and i am logging in other account so i type the name of Sandeep it shows me to pick him while it should not.


Any idea how can i achieve it ?

Thanks in advance!


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I don't know all your requirements.

But, I think if users are going to add the requests and you don't want them to select another user's name then you can leverage the OOTB Created By column.

Another approach:

Or you can customize the list form using PowerApps. Make the field Disabled and set Default value of person or group field to current user creating the request. You need to leverage User() function in PowerApps.


  1. Set Current User As Default Value Of Person/ Group Field In PowerApps
  2. Set current user as default value of Person or Group field.

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