I have a SharePoint Farm that consists of five servers:

1-DB 2-Web FrontEnd & Distributed Cache servers 2-Application & Search Servers

I have configured one of our domain servers to be an RMS server. After, installing the RMS service on the server, I tried to add it to SharePoint but I got the following error:

The required Active Directory Rights Management Service Client (MSPIC.DLL) is presenet but could not be configured properly. IRM will not work until the client is configured properly.

I have searched the web for the solution but to no avail.

I have tried to give permissions to the farm and web application account on ServerCertification.asmx I have also tried importing the certificate for the SharePointAdministration account.

I have checked the event viewer log and I have the following errors:

Event ID 8321 A certificate validation took xxxxx milliseconds ...
Event ID 6398 The Execute method of job definition Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.LMTRepopulationJob threw an exception ...

Thank you in advance!


In addition to giving the Web Application Pool account and the SharePoint Farm account the permission to read and execute _wmcs\certification\ServerCertification.asmx, I have done the following:

The name of the certificate must match the new of the RMS server. e,g: if the RMS server is called RMS.abc.local then that should be the name of the certificate as well.

I have added the certificate to the trusted root authority in all of my SharePoint servers.

I have then installed the RMS Analyzer tool which checks your configuration and corrects all the wrong configurations, if any. from this URL:


Finally, I have reset the MSPIC settings by following the instructions mentioned in this great article:


I am not sure if one or all these steps are what fixed my problem. Nonetheless, I hope that they benefit anyone who may face the same problem!

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