We recently moved to sharepoint online and when i am trying to add the recurring event in calendar i can add it but its not showing up in the event web part. When i am trying to add the event via event view web part then there is no option for the recurring event option.enter image description here

Is there any way to add this feature by custom solution??

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The Events web part, regardless of the site it's used in, doesn't handle recurrence in either its UI (as you showed in your screenshot) or its end-user display.

I don't think Microsoft believes this is a bug, rather it is the functionality that just isn't supported yet. What Events doesn't really tell you is it's using a SharePoint calendar to store events (go look around your site for a "Events" calendar and you'll find the events are the same).

While the Calendar does support recurrence in its a "Classic" experience but not with the Modern experience.

I suspect that when Microsoft gets around to Modern-izing the Calendar app, it will sort out the lack of support for Recurrence in Events web part.

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According to Microsoft, this is something that they do not plan to implement for some reason; they instead point people to use their Group Calendars.

This isn't a perfect solution, but there is a workaround we found online that we're using at our organization. Essentially, it involves using Flow to script creating "standalone" events in the SharePoint Events calendar with the year incremented by one - this can be modified as needed of course.

Hope this helps.

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