The question is very straight forward.

Is it possible to use Username and Password as a Plain text to get Office 365 Groups and users in c# code using Microsoft Graph API or any other API?

If yes, then how? I need to develop an application where I need to fetch the Office 365 Groups and Users and display it to the Non Admin Users too.

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We can use SharePoint Online CSOM(Download SharePoint Online Client Components SDK) to achieve it. The code below for your reference.

string targetSiteURL = @"https://xxx.sharepoint.com/sites/lz";

//set user login name and passsword 
var username = "[email protected]";
var password = "Password";

var securePassword = new SecureString();
foreach (char c in password){securePassword.AppendChar(c);}

SharePointOnlineCredentials onlineCredentials = new SharePointOnlineCredentials(username, securePassword);

ClientContext ctx = new ClientContext(targetSiteURL);
ctx.Credentials = onlineCredentials;

GroupCollection groups = ctx.Web.SiteGroups;

foreach(Group group in groups)
    Console.WriteLine("Group Name:"+group.Title);             
    foreach(User user in group.Users)
        Console.WriteLine("   UserName:"+user.Title);
  • I guess you interpreted the question wrong. I have specified that I need to access Office 365 Groups, Not SharePoint Groups. I tagged the SharePoint Online because I want to display the Office 365 groups in SharePoint WebPart.. Jan 5, 2018 at 3:56

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