I have Leave Form created in InfoPath and Published it to SharePoint 2013 I applied a simple OOTB Workflow in my form.

I just want to ask if possible to edit the default value of Workflow Status?

Let say i want to make it: Approved = 1 Rejected = 2 In Progress = 3

Any idea is really appreciated. Hope someone could help me. Thanks in advance

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Yes, it is possible to set workflow status. Please use Set Workflow Status action in SharePoint Designer. Reference
Check also these guidelines for setting the status and its limitations.

If you are running approval workflow, you can use the following values: Status Value Not Started 0 Failed on Start 1 In Progress 2 Error Occurred 3 Canceled 4 Completed 5 Failed on Start(Retrying) 6 Error Occurred (Retrying) 7 Canceled 15 Approved 16 Rejected 17
From: http://www.officeandbusiness.be/2010/05/17/sharepoint-workflow-status-how-to-use-the-workflow-status-in-a-workflow-or-a-view/

You can also create a separate column: Custom Workflow status?

Another way is to use Visual Studio: http://www.schaeflein.net/setting-workflow-status-in-visual-studio-and-sharepoint-designer/ http://sharepoint.ginni.me/2010/01/setting-workflow-status-to-custom.html

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