I have a list, how do i add kpi indicator on the list. Since I have a column on that list as Project health. If I add green on project health i want to display green round, if yellow then yellow triangle, if red then red hexagon. Can anyone please help me. Thanks Mohammed


You need to create a calculated column to show KPIs on same list.


  1. I have used below formula to check for 3 conditions like Green, Red & Yellow.
  2. I used column named budget with dropdown to select one of the value given above.
  3. I have uploaded all the images in SiteCollectionImages library.

Please check below formula

=IF(Budget="Green","<img title='Green' border='0' alt='Green' src='http://myspsite/sites/ITPMO/SiteCollectionImages/StatusIcons/Green.png'>",
IF(Budget="Yellow","<img title='Yellow' border='0' alt='Yellow' src='http://myspsite/sites/ITPMO/SiteCollectionImages/StatusIcons/Yellow.png'>",
IF(Budget="Red","<img title='Red' border='0' alt='Red' src='http://myspsite/sites/ITPMO/SiteCollectionImages/StatusIcons/Red.png'>","")))

Please let me know if any query.

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