I am trying to use calculated columns to have a possibility of 3 status indicators come up based on another column that is called projectstartday which shows how many days are left until a project needs to begin. I have been able to get green and red indicators, but not yellow using the following formula I think just because I don't know how to format the formula to add the other condition ;


I know that img src='/_layouts/images/KPIDefault-1.GIF' returns yellow, but do not know how to get it in the formula. I want the calculated field to return the following;

Show red in the sharepoint list: if ProjectStartDate is Less than or equal to 30 Show Yellow: if ProjectStartDate is Greater than 30 but less than or equal to 90 Show Green: If ProjectStartDate is Greater than 90

I have been trying to figure this out for forever now and would appreciate any help anyone can give me!!!!!

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use below in calculated column:

="<DIV><img src='"&IF(DaysUntilProjectStart<=30,"/_layouts/images/KPIDefault-1.GIF",IF(AND(DaysUntilProjectStart>30,DaysUntilProjectStart<=90),"/_layouts/images/KPIDefault-0.GIF",IF(DaysUntilProjectStart>90,"/_layouts/images/KPIDefault-2.GIF")))&"'></DIV>"

Assuming DaysUntilProjectStart is a number field

  • Can the number be a calculated field? Dec 18, 2017 at 16:18

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