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How to move SharePoint library code to Github?

I am having the code base in my SharePoint(classic SharePoint site) library. This library having the JS,HTML,ASPX and other files and folders.(around 1000 files) I have created one repository in ...
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Is it viable to manage a SharePoint Online site via PnP templates in source control with automated deployments?

I am trying to gain some traction on a new SPO project and it's been indicated to me that they want to maintain the site programmatically with PnP templates (XML files basically). The idea is that we ...
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Recommended .gitignore for sharepoint solutions [closed]

I've inherited a heavily customized SharePoint 2013 environment that makes heavy use of farm solutions. I'm trying to implement Git as a source control for our environment so that we can have better ...
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How does one search a site collection for code embedded in web parts?

When refactoring you have to search your code base to see what areas may be impacted by a changing api. Code that is maintained in .js files and checked into source control can easily be searched. ...
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SharePoint 2010 Source Control

We are making a farm solution in SharePoint 2010 and several developers will work on the site simultaneously. As per the company norms, whatever we code should go into the sub-version source control ...
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Azure Development newb

Our team is exploring development environments in Azure and I was hoping to get some clarity on the actual setup. We currently all have stand alone dev machines (team of 5). 1)To continue developing ...
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How to organize source control for multiple projects depending on common projects in Sharepoint 2013

I am just to start a new big sp 2013 project, I am studying different ways to organize the vs structure and one of the ways I liked is to separate for example webparts in different solutions: http://...
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Reference to hidden CEWP

could you help me with the following problem. I have a html and java code drawing a table below a SharePoint list, in the table I place some calculation based on the list above and it works fine, ...
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Server error: The URL is invalid. It may refer to a nonexistent file or folder or refer to a valid file that is not in the current Web

When checking out the Home.aspx page I receive this error. Server error: The URL is invalid. It may refer to a nonexistent file or folder or refer to a valid file that is not in the current Web ...
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What paths should I ignore when checking a SharePoint project into Subversion?

I'm looking at adding a handful of SharePoint projects from a third-party to our source control system, Subversion. However, I'm not exactly sure what ignore patterns should be setup. Right away a /...
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Using TFS and SharePoint Designer

I am part of a team working on a large, heavily customized SharePoint 2010 publishing site using TFS for source control and a mixture of Visual Studio and SharePoint Designer for development. One ...
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Recommended Source Control setup for single developer on single machine [closed]

I'm curious about what kind of setup other single developers have for their source control. Do you install your source control system (e.g. TFS) on the same machine as SharePoint, do you use a ...
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How do you do version/source control in SharePoint?

How do you do version/source control in SharePoint Visual Studio projects (I'm using 2010)? Can it be connected to SVN, for example? I'm new to SharePoint.
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SharePoint Source control plugin for VS?

Yes, it might sound like a strange thing to ask for. We're a team of 3-4 person working on a sln that is only developed using the Client Object Model. So we rather have no deployment, just a bunch of ...
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what are the best distributed development methodologies for sharepoint

Let's say we have some distributed developers in different countries working on the same sharepoint project problems that they might face including (but not limited to): 1. webparts deployment & ...
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Integrating WSPBuilder projects in SourceSafe

Is there a way to integrate WSPBuilder projects in SourceSafe? Is there any article regarding this on how to proceed?
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