I have a basic people search landing page setup with the standard webparts for searching: PeopleSearchBoxEx, PeopleCoreResultsWebpart, etc.

On the page I make use of the RefineSearchResults web control to generate a list of titles and titles that can be used to narrow the search.

The template looks like this (there is a similar line for 'Department':

<SEARCHWC:RefineSearchResults ID="RefineSearchResults1" runat="server" Title="<%$Resources:sps,RefineByTitle%>" SearchProperty="JobTitle"/>

The problem is that department might be a 2+ words name, like "Center for Help". If I click that, the search box becomes <original search> jobtitle:Center for Help which gives 0 results. The issue is that the search recognizes only jobtitle:Center as a special phrase, whereas for Help is viewed as a regular search term.

I tried testing manually with + (no difference) and quoted "", but quotes get removed when I search so they do not help. My question is:

a) Is there a way to do this for multi-word names?

b) How do I implement this in the RefineSearchResults control?

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You should be able to use quotes, for example

author:"bill jones"

Are you sure you used normall quotation marks?

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