I am testing out an on prem dev farm with April CU I am attempting to create the Mysite web app, sc so my user can self-create their personal sites. With PS script I have been able to repeat this a few times but without success. None of my test users are able to trigger their personal site creation. Ironically, when I repeat on a rtm farm I don't see this issue.

  • Web App created with host header http://my.domain.com
  • SC host created with same url and SPSMSITEHOST#0 template
  • Managed paths for "my" (explicit) and "personal" (wildcard)
  • Check service applications connection for My Site: Managed Metadata, Search and User - - Profile Service. Also checked the service connection and ran a profile sync
  • Created new Permission Policy "Create My Site"
  • Created an new User Policy: All zones, Everyone and "Create My Site"
  • Self Service Site Create: I have tried both the "hidden from users" and prompt users: http://my.domain.com/[personal]

Out of intestest I wonder what are the implications of my lack of MySites e.g. will this affect where my previous personal search queries are stored?

  • Have you checked the ULS logs? Any hints?
    – Brian P
    Oct 2, 2013 at 12:04

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Thanks for your reply. I literally solved this an hour ago.

I went into CA -monitoring loggins and diagnostic logging

Then I saw this:

Skipping creation of personal site from
MySitePersonalSiteUpgradeOnNavigationWebPart::CreatePersonalSite() because one or more of the creation criteria has not been met. [SPWeb Url=http://my.mydomain.com/Person.aspx?accountname=WSLDEV\Danielw] http://my.mydoamin.com/Person.aspx?accountname=WSLDEV\Danielw]Self-Service Site Creation == True Can Create Personal Site == False Is user licensed == False Storage&Social UPA Permission == True Site or Page or Web Part is in design mode == False

Now it appears somehow that my install had users configured with Foundation lic even though

 PS C:\Users\Administrator> Get-SPUserLicense


Confusing I know. So what I had to do is follow Configure licensing in SharePoint Server 2013. Thanks to Paul Stork, MVP for pointing this out although I am still confused as to why this was needed to done as it shouldn't by default

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