Is this possible to display Newsfeed and AboutMe only in MySites SharePoint 2013 without creating Personal Sites?

I don't want personal sites to be created so i turned OFF "Self-Service Site Creation" for MySites in Manage Web Applications. However i can see AboutMe and People (i can hide People using some CSS) in left navigation on MySites. I wan't Newsfeeds to appear in Left Navigation as well as the actual news feeds to display. Is it possible without creating personal sites?

I have tried disabling the permissions for All Authenticated Users in User Profile Service but i think wasn't the correct direction to do this. It only revoked the permissions.

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We are using a custom branding for our SharePoint 2016. If you have got a custom branding, you can simply remove the entries for every MySite with the following JS code:


This JS will run when the "window.location.href" contains /my

Another thought is to register a custom action in which you remove the MySite elements, but I didn't try yet.

Hope it helps.

  • But in that case the Blog and Apps would be still accessible using URL. I wan to disable the functionality. Commented Mar 3, 2017 at 14:31

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