I configured Mysite on Sharepoint 2013 by creating a new webapp and a root site collection but no site collection is created when user click on "About Me". It redirects to my.xxxx/person.aspx

If i check in CA no jobs are scheduled. If i read documentation when a user doesn't have a mysite yet. it created with a job : Instantiation Interactive Request Queue

Self service creation is enabled on my webapplication mysite and managed path is added for "personal" I added mysite settings in user profile service.

I supposed issue is no one jobs are running but services sharepoint administration or timer are running

  • Did you create a MySite Host Site-Collection as root in your MySite-WebApplication?
    – MHeld
    Sep 9, 2016 at 13:19

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To get MySite to work all the way, you need to

  • Create a My Site host site collection
  • Add a wildcard inclusion managed path to the Web application
  • Connect the Web application to service applications
  • Enable self-service site creation for the Web application
  • Configure My Site settings for the User Profile service application
  • Enable the User Profile Service Application - Activity Feed Job

Check that everything is configured because it's easy to miss a step or two.

See Configure My Sites in SharePoint Server 2013

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