We have an issue with WebDAV and SharePoint2010 while trying to open files via Office2010 programs. Example: Document Library with url: http://servername/documents there are no problems opening this library via WebDAV under \\servername\davwwwroot\documents

When i'm clicking "save as" in my Word2010 application the Dialog shows the http://servername/documents path but I can't see any content. Folders or files are not shown. Changing path to existing subfolder like http://servername/documents/subfolder works but is empty, too.

Client: Win7-64bit, IE9, Office2010 32bit

Where is the problem?

  • Maybe, this is because "document type" property in your dialog box is set to .docx? Are there any other .docx files in your folder you are trying to save to? Aug 20 '13 at 14:02
  • Hey Denis, thanks but it's not the problem. i have the same issue when trying to open an other document and dialog box filter is set to .
    – D.Merkel
    Aug 20 '13 at 21:05

I solved the issue now.

The problem was, that I have created a documentlibrary via visualstudio 2010 based on special content type. VS2010 doesn't create full code on BaseViev 2 (FileDlg) After comparing Schema.xml of normal library with this special one, I copied the View to my schema.xml

That works

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