So I was just reading How to set Anonymous User as a Specific User and I am not sure exactly how to implement and if it will fully cover my situation. I am trying to tunnel users from Salesforce into SharePoint 2013 Reporting Services. The request from Salesforce contains the URL to render the requested report (only a couple are exposed). We're sending the response back so the report renders inside salesforce. We need security on SSRS, so I wonder how I can execute FormsAuth.SetAuthCookie to a special AD account and then move the request to the RS and back to the client? Do we set the Salesforce httprequest to a Sharepoint webpart app that does this append and redirect? Maybe passes the SSRS as a string param? How can I get the report back to the original caller then? The only step missing from the process is correctly authenticating to the Reporting Service - the url call to SSRS is working fine for anyone on an AD connection.

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