I have another problem concerning the count-related column-value of SP2010 in a workflow(see also: How to get count related Lookup value programmatically? ).

my use-case: I have a column "actual attendees" in a custom list named "Events". It is a count-related lookup-column for another lookup-column in a list called "attendees". Now I want to check this column in a workflow like this:

if (actual attendees > minimal attendees)
do this
else if (actual attendees <= ...)
do that

The Problem: As mentioned in the referenced thread, the calculated column-value returns a string-value (btw: I think this is a weird concept, Microsoft. Grrr.). Programmatically I solved this misconception by using Convert.ToInt32..., but I do sort of "wait for date, then check attendee number, then send e-mail" in my workflow, So I think I can't use a programmatical solution without doing lots of code (or to be short: I need a workflow for this, do I?)

Now in a SP Designer workflow, sadly this conversion seems to be not possible for me. I tried

//Attendees is a Number-Variable, tried with string, too, but not working too.
Set Variable:Attendees to Current_Item:actual Attendees

but when instantiating the workflow I get the error (using german version here, so I try my best to translate it):

Coercion Failed: Unable to transform the input lookup data into the requested type.

I'm out of ideas for this and I hope someone could help me out.

Best regards, Dominik

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Okay, it was my fault. I'd set the return type of the count-related lookup-value to Lookupvalue (as Number) (translated, using german version here). It works if you'll use 'double' as return value for the count-related returnvalue. Just seemed logical to me to use the other one, but... hey, works! ;)

Greetings and sorry for taking your time.

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