I need to change the position of an application extension on my page. It sits at the top, I want to drop it lower. The Microsoft documentation I have seen just points me to the top or bottom region. Is it possible for me to access another region?

The bread crumb code-based is on the official PnP GitHub samples.

Current Position:

Current Position

How I want to modify the position:

Current Position

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Currently Microsoft only supports two placeholders in application customizer:

  • Top Placeholder
  • Bottom Placeholder

Documentation: Use page placeholders from Application Customizer


Instead of using default available placeholders to bind the breadcrumb navigation, you can access the specific DOM elements using selectors (id/class/attribute) & use those to bind the breadcrumb navigation.

Note: DOM manipulation & CSS customizations are not recommended by Microsoft and some of your customization may break if Microsoft changes HTML element id/classes in new release updates.

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