I have a SPFX customizer that displays a banner in the topPlaceholder. When the page loads, if it's a list, then it performs a calculation and then displays the banner.

When I move from one library to another, because the page isn't performing a full load, I found out I need use the navigatedEvent. This fires when the navigation changes.

However, I need to display the banner differently depending on what folder I'm in within a single document library. When navigating from one folder to another in a document library the navigatedEvent doesn't seem to fire, even though I am navigating to a different location.

Is this a bug with the navigatedEvent, or should I be using a different event?

    public onInit(): Promise<void> {
       var rootSiteFullUrl = this.context.pageContext.site.absoluteUrl;
      spfxContext: this.context

   this.context.application.navigatedEvent.add(this,  this.renderControl);  
    return Promise.resolve<void>();

    private renderControl(){
    Log.info(LOG_SOURCE, `Available placeholders: ${this.context.placeholderProvider.placeholderNames.map(name => PlaceholderName[name]).join(', ')}`);

    //handling the top placeholder
      this._topPlaceholder = this.context.placeholderProvider.tryCreateContent(
          {onDispose: this._onDispose});

        console.error(`The expected placholder (Top) was not found.`);

        const element : React.ReactElement<IInfoBarMainProps> = React.createElement(
            siteRelativeUrl: this._siteRelativeURL,
            listID: this._listID,
            rootSiteUrl: this._rootSiteURL,
            context: this.context

        ReactDom.render(element, this._topPlaceholder.domElement);

  private _onDispose(){
    Log.info(LOG_SOURCE, `[IInfoBarApplicationCustomizer._onDispose] Disposed custom top placeholders`);

I have a feeling that there isn't an event for navigating inside a folder, as when I'm in a folder, there is nothing within the this.context.pageContext that indicates that I'm in a folder.


I found the same issue and I troubleshooted it using the mutation observer and monitoring the breadcrumb. Here is some code that will help you to reach your goal:

let targetNode1 = document.querySelector(".od-ItemsScopeItemContent > div > div > div > div >div");

this._observer = new MutationObserver((mutations) => {
  mutations.forEach((mutation) => this._myCustomHeaderBasedOnCurrentFolder(mutation));

if (targetNode1) {
  this._observer.observe(targetNode1, {
    attributes: true,
    attributeOldValue: true,


The method


Is the action you want to perform when browsing through the folders. You will need to tune up a bit the observer config for a better monitoring.

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