We have a SharePoint Online communication site with the SitePages library. When any page is opened for Edit and kept on edit mode for about 5 minutes, we get the inactivity message as below:

Your Editing session has ended due to inactivity. Your changes have been saved in the latest draft version of this page.

enter image description here

However, the client is unhappy about this as the message appears after 5 minutes of inactivity which is too early. So, Is there a way to change the inactivity session time-out to more than 5 minutes? and what is the default value of the inactivity session timeout?

However, I have tested this on another tenant, where I do not receive this session inactivity upon editing the page for about 15-30 minutes, I am confused here on the behaviour.

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This is OOTB behavior. I am able to reproduce the issue on my tenant.

As mentioned in the Modern Page Life Cycle

An exception is that if the page has no activity for 5 minutes, the editing session will time out and the page will be "unlocked."

I do not find any configuration to update this timeout duration.


Agree with Litt Spector. By design, the timeout of inactive editing session is 5 minutes. Changing the timeout of inactive editing session is not available. I suggest you go to Microsoft Q&A post your suggestions to let users customize the timeout of inactive editing session.

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