Is there any way in SharePoint 2016 to get a full list of all permissions that has been granted to a user?

I.e. a list including the permissions that is set on the object level. For example: if Alice has granted Bob direct access to the document "Financial Report Q4" that would also show up in the list.

Could such a list be retrieved via PowerShell? Or is there some kind of audit functionality that is built-in to SharePoint?

It would be great to be able to retrieve this information without needing to buy a third-party tool.

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Try below PowerShell.

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue 
#Function to retrieve Permission data 
Function Get-PermissionInfo([String]$UserID, [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSecurableObject]$Object) 
    #Object Array to hold Permission data 
    $PermissionDataCollection = @() 
    #Determine the given Object type and Get URL of it 
        "Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb"  { $ObjectType = "Site" ; $ObjectURL = $Object.URL } 
            if($Object.Folder -ne $null) 
                 $ObjectType = "Folder" ; $ObjectURL = "$($Object.Web.Url)/$($Object.Url)"  
                $ObjectType = "List Item"; $ObjectURL = "$($Object.Web.Url)/$($Object.Url)"  
        #Microsoft.SharePoint.SPList, Microsoft.SharePoint.SPDocumentLibrary, "Microsoft.SharePoint.SPPictureLibrary",etc 
        default { $ObjectType = "List/Library"; $ObjectURL = "$($Object.ParentWeb.Url)/$($Object.RootFolder.URL)" } 
    #Get Permissions of the user on given object - Such as: Web, List, Folder, ListItem 
    $UserPermissionInfo = $Object.GetUserEffectivePermissionInfo($UserID) 
    #Iterate through each permission and get the details 
    foreach($UserRoleAssignment in $UserPermissionInfo.RoleAssignments) 
        #Get all permission levels assigned to User account directly or via SharePOint Group 
        foreach ($UserRoleDefinition in $UserRoleAssignment.RoleDefinitionBindings) 
            #Exclude "Limited Accesses" 
            if($UserRoleDefinition.Name -ne "Limited Access") 
                $UserPermissions += $UserRoleDefinition.Name 
        #Determine Permissions granted directly or through SharePoint Group 
            if($UserRoleAssignment.Member -is [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPGroup])    
                 $PermissionType = "Member of SharePoint Group: " + $UserRoleAssignment.Member.Name                  
                $PermissionType = "Direct Permission" 
            $UserPermissions = $UserPermissions -join ";"      
            #Create an object to hold storage data 
            $PermissionData = New-Object PSObject 
            $PermissionData | Add-Member -type NoteProperty -name "Object" -value $ObjectType 
            $PermissionData | Add-Member -type NoteProperty -name "Title" -value $Object.Title 
            $PermissionData | Add-Member -type NoteProperty -name "URL" -value $ObjectURL         
            $PermissionData | Add-Member -type NoteProperty -name "Permission Type" -value $PermissionType 
            $PermissionData | Add-Member -type NoteProperty -name "Permissions" -value $UserPermissions 
            $PermissionDataCollection += $PermissionData 
    Return $PermissionDataCollection 
#Function to Generate Permission Report 
Function Generate-PermissionReport($UserID, $WebAppURL, $ReportPath) 
    #Output Report location, delete the file, If already exist! 
    if (Test-Path $ReportPath) 
        Remove-Item $ReportPath 
      #Write Output Report CSV File Headers 
     "Object, Title, URL, Permission Type, Permissions" | out-file $ReportPath 
    ###Check Whether the Search Users is a Farm Administrator ### 
    Write-host "Scanning Farm Administrators..."  
      #Get the SharePoint Central Administration site 
      $AdminWebApp = Get-SPwebapplication -includecentraladministration | where {$_.IsAdministrationWebApplication} 
    $AdminSite = Get-SPWeb $AdminWebApp.Url 
    $AdminGroupName = $AdminSite.AssociatedOwnerGroup 
    $FarmAdminGroup = $AdminSite.SiteGroups[$AdminGroupName] 
    #enumerate in farm adminidtrators groups 
    foreach ($user in $FarmAdminGroup.users) 
        if($user.LoginName.Endswith($UserID,1)) #1 to Ignore Case 
                "Farm, $($AdminSite.Title), $($AdminWebApp.URL), Farm Administrators Group, Farm Administrator" | Out-File $ReportPath -Append 
    ### Check Web Application User Policies ### 
    Write-host "Scanning Web Application Policies..."  
     $WebApp = Get-SPWebApplication $WebAppURL 
        foreach ($Policy in $WebApp.Policies) 
            #Check if the search users is member of the group 
                #Write-Host $Policy.UserName 
                foreach($Role in $Policy.PolicyRoleBindings) 
                    $PolicyRoles+= $Role.Name +";" 
            #Send Data to CSV File 
            "Web Application, $($WebApp.Name), $($WebApp.URL), Web Application Policy, $($PolicyRoles)" | Out-File $ReportPath -Append 
    #Convert UserID Into Claims format - If WebApp is claims based! Domain\User to i:0#.w|Domain\User 
        $ClaimsUserID = (New-SPClaimsPrincipal -identity $UserID -identitytype 1).ToEncodedString() 
    #Get all Site collections of given web app 
    $SiteCollections = Get-SPSite -WebApplication $WebAppURL -Limit All 
    #Loop through all site collections  
    foreach($Site in $SiteCollections) 
        Write-host "Scanning Site Collection:" $site.Url 
        ###Check Whether the User is a Site Collection Administrator 
           foreach($SiteCollAdmin in $Site.RootWeb.SiteAdministrators) 
                "Site Collection, $($Site.RootWeb.Title), $($Site.RootWeb.Url), Site Collection Administrators Group, Site Collection Administrator" | Out-File $ReportPath -Append 
        #Get all webs 
        $WebsCollection = $Site.AllWebs 
        #Loop throuh each Site (web) 
        foreach($Web in $WebsCollection) 
                   if($Web.HasUniqueRoleAssignments -eq $True) 
                    Write-host "Scanning Site:" $Web.Url 
                    #Get Permissions of the user on Web 
                    $WebPermissions = Get-PermissionInfo $ClaimsUserID $Web 
                    #Export Web permission data to CSV file - Append 
                    $WebPermissions |  Export-csv $ReportPath  -notypeinformation -Append  
                #Check Lists with Unique Permissions 
                Write-host "Scanning Lists on $($web.url)..." 
                foreach($List in $web.Lists) 
                    if($List.HasUniqueRoleAssignments -eq $True -and ($List.Hidden -eq $false)) 
                        #Get Permissions of the user on list 
                        $ListPermissions = Get-PermissionInfo $ClaimsUserID $List 
                        #Export Web permission data to CSV file - Append 
                        $ListPermissions |  Export-csv $ReportPath -notypeinformation -Append                          
                    #Check Folders with Unique Permissions 
                    $UniqueFolders = $List.Folders | where { $_.HasUniqueRoleAssignments -eq $True }                     
                    #Get Folder permissions 
                    foreach($folder in $UniqueFolders) 
                        $FolderPermissions = Get-PermissionInfo $ClaimsUserID $folder 
                        #Export Folder permission data to CSV file - Append 
                        $FolderPermissions |  Export-csv $ReportPath -notypeinformation -Append                 
                    #Check List Items with Unique Permissions 
                    $UniqueItems = $List.Items | where { $_.HasUniqueRoleAssignments -eq $True } 
                    #Get Item level permissions 
                    foreach($item in $UniqueItems) 
                        $ItemPermissions = Get-PermissionInfo $ClaimsUserID $Item 
                        #Export List Items permission data to CSV file - Append 
                        $ItemPermissions |  Export-csv $ReportPath -notypeinformation -Append              
    Write-Host Permission Report Generated successfully! 
#Input Variables 
$WebAppURL = "http://intranet.crescent.com" 
$Userid ="Crescent\Salaudeen"  
$ReportPath = "D:\Reports\PermissionRpt.csv" 
#Call the function to generate user access report 
Generate-PermissionReport $Userid $WebAppURL $ReportPath

Reference: SharePoint Permission Report: Find Access Rights for Specific User in Farm

  • Thank you Emily. I will try this ASAP. Commented Jan 5, 2021 at 13:51
  • 1
    If there is any problem with this issue, feel free to let me know. Commented Jan 6, 2021 at 1:28
  • I can’t seem to get out correct data from that script. Do you by any chance have any mock data with screenshots to show examples of what the script can do? Commented Jan 15, 2021 at 11:03
  • Ah. I had enter incorrect input values. When I entered ”domain\username” it worked fine. Thank you so much! Commented Jan 16, 2021 at 9:55

To get a full list of all permission levels that have been granted to a user, You can simply use Check Permissions in Site Permissions

  • Open Site Settings
  • Below User and Permissions, click on Site Permissions
  • From the above ribbon, click on Check Permissions
  • Type, your User or Group Name, and click Check Now
  • The list of all permissions for this user will be listed as shown below:

enter image description here

Besides the above simple method, you can use PowerShell to get user permissions as mentioned at Powershell script to find permissions for a specific user

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