We need to filter the list items by person login name (fully qualified i.e, i:0#.f|membership|xyz@abc.com),

How we can achieve this using Power automate GetList Items method or through REST API,

Any help would be appreciated.


Follow below steps:

  1. Get User Id from SharePoint using user login name:

REST API endpoint: /_api/web/siteusers('<login-name>')?$select=Id

enter image description here

Flow expression used: uriComponent(variables('loginName'))
Complete Uri: _api/web/siteusers('@{uriComponent(variables('loginName'))}')?$select=Id

  1. Filter SharePoint list items using user ID:

enter image description here


  1. SharePoint REST API: Get User Id by User Name
  2. get items - filter person field
  3. Microsoft Docs - uricomponent() function
  4. Parsing JSON in Microsoft Flow
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