Is it possible to display the items in Sharepoint 2013 customized List based on the group permission? I have 3 groups in permission, i.e. Group A, Group B, Group C. Some people are in only 1 group and others could be in two or all three. The list has a Group Column. I'd like the list to only display the items that each personnel is in. Please help. thank you


I tried the following code but it's not working. In the list I have a column titled "Group" with choices of Group A, Group B, and Group C. The group members are listed in Permission with type "SharePoint Group". Please advise. Thank you

        <Membership Type ="CurrentUserGroup>
        <FieldRef Name ="Group"/>

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There are two options for your reference:

1.Apply item level permissions to the list for correct group.

2.Set Target Audiences on different view via choose the view you need>edit web part>Advanced>Target Audiences.

More information for your reference:



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