So we usually record our meetings through Teams and these get automatically uploaded to Stream. However yesterday the auto upload failed presenting this message:

recording failed to upload to Stream

I downloaded the video manually (through Teams). I was hoping to upload this video to our Stream manually, however everytime I try I receive the following error message:

video.mp4 failed to upload. Changes to this Microsoft Stream tenant are temporarily disabled. Please try again later. Failed: video.mp4

Any ideas what this is to do with?

I have tried multiple times yesterday and today. Also asked another team member to try and they receive the same error message.


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Ok so did some further digging and eventually decided to raise a ticket with Microsoft - so the data centre is currently doing a migration of Microsoft Stream data, and should be back up either tomorrow (Friday 1st Nov) or Monday 4th Nov apparently. If anyone else is having a similar issue with Stream this could be why (if your data centre is in the UK).


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