I found that we can edit a pdf file which is uploaded in document library using Adobe Document Cloud and SharePoint Online.

So is there a way to edit a pdf file from a document library in the browser using SharePoint 2016/2019 server? Any free product or a product which can be bought in order to do it? I tried with TextControl and Aspose.PDF , but couldn't make it work, do not know if the problem is in my environment or they are not just working with SharePoint.


Per my test in my sharepoint 2016 environment, I install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, then I can open the pdf file in IE.

But if you want to edit the PDF file, you should buy the service.

enter image description here

And there are some other PDF products in the article below.

Adobe Acrobat Alternative.

  • Adobre Acrobat Reader DC is giving us the option to edit/view pdf file in the browser for SharePoint Online, but as I tested now for SP2016, you need to download the app and link your SharePoint site with specific account and then in the desktop application you can edit a file. So it looks like it is not possible to edit pdf file in browser with Adobe for SP2016. So the only option is to find a 3rd party tool for this if there is a one of course
    – Kris
    Oct 31 '19 at 8:09

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