I have a site page on SharePoint Online. I've added an Asset Library to it and uploaded a video. The video's content type has been tagged as Image and I can't play it. It simply gives me the ability to download it.

How do I change the content type on this video? Does SharePoint support MOV files?


enter image description here

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To the first part:
SharePoint supports MOV-files just fine. You can upload them and you can download them.
However, since there is no MIME-mapping they will only be availabe to download and not play in the browser..

To the second part:
There is currently no way to change the MIME-mappings in SharePoint-Online.

Go to vote on UserVioce, maybe it will be implemented some day..

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    Nils... thanks for that. I actually have had a breakthough. It seems Site Pages (publishing pages) don't know what to do with Videos. However if you use a web part page, the video is automatically tagged with that content type, you can add a thumbnail on upload, and the video plays directly in the browser w/o the need to download it. Thanks again. Jun 13, 2019 at 12:23

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