I'm trying to activate the content organizer feature so I can have uploaded files automatically routed to a different library or folder. When I try to activate it, I get this error:

The Site scoped feature being activated has a dependency on hidden Site Collection scoped feature 'FeatureDefinition/15/0c8a9a47-22a9-4798-82f1-00e62a96006e' (ID: '0c8a9a47-22a9-4798-82f1-00e62a96006e'). Hidden features cannot be auto-activated across scopes. There may be one or more visible Site Collection scoped features that auto-activate the dependent hidden feature.


From this article:


This feature is:

Name: DocumentRoutingResources

Title: Document Routing Resources

ID: 0c8a9a47-22a9-4798-82f1-00e62a96006e

Scope: Site

Try to manually activate the hidden "Document Routing Resources" Feature via PowerShell:

Enable-SPFeature -Identity "DocumentRoutingResources" -Url http://sitecollection

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