I need to display a list from a parent (really the site collection) on a sub-site. I've found multiple answers referencing this link. However, this post is from 2012 and discusses a solution for SharePoint 2010.

Does this still work in SharePoint 2016 (on-premise)? If not, is there a replacement solution?


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To show list view from Parent site at subsite in SP 2013 / 2016, You have two options

  1. Using Data View Web Part
  2. Using Content Query Web Part

(1) Using Data View Web Part

  • Open your Parent site via SharePoint Designer 2013.
  • Go to File Site Pages > Create a new Page > Edit in advanced mode.
  • From the above ribbon > Insert > Data View > Select the list that you need to show on the subsite.

In case the data view is disabled check DATAVIEW IS DISABLED IN SHAREPOINT DESIGNER 2013

  • Once the Data view add, from the above ribbon > List View Tool > Web Part > Click on To Site Gallery.

enter image description here

In case you are missing List View Tool check MISSING LIST VIEW TOOLS IN SHAREPOINT DESIGNER 2013

  • Make sure that you clicked on Yes at the below dialog to make sure that it will show the list data from the parent site URL

enter image description here

  • Now open your subsite > Create a new page > edit the page > add new web part > At Miscellaneous category > the exported data view web part should be listed > Add it.

enter image description here


enter image description here

To show Toolbar > Edit your web part > and select Show ToolBar not Full toolbar

(2) Using Content Query Web Part

In case you need to query data from a parent site, you can use the Content Query Web Part as a supported OOTB solution.

enter image description here

Note: The CQWP is only available in Publishing Template or SharePoint Server Publishing feature activated,


  • Open your Page > Click on Add web Part > below Content Rollup > Add Content Query Web Part .
  • Click to open the tool pane to edit
  • At Query section, > at Show items from the following list: > click browse to browse any list from any site below your site collection.
  • Select the list that you need from the parent site.

enter image description here

Now you just need to show the CQWP as Grid with your required column, in this case, check this article SharePoint Content Query web part like a SharePoint List View

If you don't have Publishing Template, you will need to

  • Activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure at the site collection feature.

enter image description here

  • Activate SharePoint Server Publishing at the site feature.

enter image description here

But you should note that activating these features will lead to missing the Save site as a template. For more details check MISSING SAVE SITE AS TEMPLATE IN SHAREPOINT


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