I'm brand new to SharePoint 2013, and only have a basic working knowledge so far.

My manager would like to take a List of projects from one site group, and use it on our department's home page. I have tried using a Web Part > Page Viewer, but I want to display just the list, not the whole page.

Is this doable through the browser? Or do I need to use SPDesigner and/or some scripting?


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If you just need to use the same list structure to add your own department projects, so you can use save the list as a template in list setting.

enter image description here

Then create a new one in your department site from this template.

If you need to display the same list content and both departments can use and add items in the same list so, check

  • Thanks everyone for your answers! The Data View Web Part is the solution to my problem, and I just found out I can't implement it because I don't have the right permissions :( But thankfully, I now know who I need to talk to make it happen. Thanks again :)
    – Jesse Choi
    Oct 6, 2018 at 8:37

as a quick fix you can use script editor and use REST API to achieve your goal

here you can read and learn about REST API

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