I have a list with multiple Tasks, each Task is grouped in a Category. Every Task also has a Task Start and Task End Date.

I would like to make a calculated column for the Category Start and Category End Date. So when others add a new task to a category, the dates of the category gets updated.

For example: Example

So the Task Start Date is the minimum date of all the start dates

Is this possible using calculated columns and what syntax should I use?

Thanks in advance!

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Just to be sure. You want "Category start date" column should be like this if(Category=="Budget") Category Start date=Task Start date + 1 else if (Category=="Event") Category End Date = Task End Date + 2

You can use below calculated column code for start date and same for end date =IF(Category="Budget",[Start Date]+1,IF(Category="Event",[Start Date]+1))

  • No I want the Category Start Date to be the same for all rows in that category. So for example with Budget something like Min([Task Start Date]) for all rows where [Category]="Budget"
    – Tom H.
    Sep 15, 2017 at 7:34

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