I'm using Sharepoint Foundation 2010. I have two columns, start date and ending date. I want to make calculated column which shows both of them in the same column. Everything is okay till I add both dates, start and ending dates to the column.

=[StartDate]&" "&[EndingDate]

This code returns the dates in wrong format. It returns them in something like this 41523 but I would like it to return them in dd/mm/yyyy.

But if I put just [StartDate] or [EndingDate] all alone to the calculated column, everything works just fine.

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Use this

=(YEAR(StartDate)&"/"&MONTH(StartDate)&"/"&DAY(StartDate))&" "&(YEAR(EndDate)&"/"&MONTH(EndDate)&"/"&DAY(EndDate))

You need to tell the column how to display the information. "MM/dd/yyyy" This is what I put on mine: ="Created on: "&TEXT(Created,"MM/dd/yyyy")


None of these answers work. Did anyone bother to test them?

After looking elsewhere and working it out myself, here's what works:

=TEXT([Start Date],"mm/dd/yy")&" - "&TEXT([End Date],"mm/dd/yy")

You can adjust the way the date shows by using the mm/dd/yy part, which is intuitive.


You can use the following formula:

=CONCATENATE([StartDate],"-", [EndingDate])

for more reference click here

  • Concatenate function still shows the days wrong... StartDate 11.11.2013 is shown 41589 and EndingDate 29.11.2013 is shown in 41607.
    – Jori
    Nov 13, 2013 at 7:53

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