I have an email that can go to a number of different parties, determined by one value in the form. If the value is Department 1, the email goes to a, b, and c; if it's department 2, it goes to d,e, and f, department 3 may go to a, d, and g, etc. Same email, only the people it's going to changes

The only way I know how to set that up is a series of if clauses, with a separate email built: If area = "department 1" email a,b,c; If area = "department 2" email d,e,f

That seems a bit wasteful since the email itself is identical save for the routing, even more so since I have over ten options.

So is there a slightly more elegant way to do it? load the email addresses into a value that I can feed to a single email object maybe?

Failing that, is there a way to copy and past steps in a workflow of which I'm unaware? Cause then I wouldn't have to rebuild the whole email every time, just paste a copy of the step and update the To field.

Or of course, some other process I've not even considered.


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You can add conditions to get the to addresses and write one email action which will use the to addresses stored in the workflow variable.

Here are the steps.

Create a workflow local variable enter image description here

Update the workflow logic as follows

Set the workflow variable with proper email addresses in the conditions. enter image description here

This way you can maintain the common email action in one place.

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