I have a simple form in a SharePoint list. This consists of a few text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, and a "comments" text box. A user must be able to fill out the form and save it. It should then go to additional people for comments. However, I want the USER to be able to select which approval workflow is used.

If I create some workflows in SharePoint Designer, am I able to allow the user to select one of these workflows right in the form? How would I do this? The idea is that the following people in the workflow will just add their comments to the "comments" box with perhaps a date and their initials.

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You only need one workflow that contains IF statements to test the value of the field on the form and execute the appropriate business logic.

Let's say you have a field named Approval Workflow on your form with the following values: Workflow 1, Workflow 2, Workflow 3. Inside your workflow you can have 3 IF statements, each one testing for one of the values of the Approval Workflow field. Given that you can only pick only one value in the field, then only one of the IF statements will execute.

I hope this makes sense.

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