I have created a SharePoint App(SharePoint Add-in) with 70 columns 6 content types and 8 lists and I am deploying the Sharepoint app to SharePoint online. It takes around 16-18 mins to retract, uninstall and install and upload the application.

Steps done so far

  • Click right solution retract solution, followed by "clean solution",followed by "build and deploy the solution".
  • Incremented the app version in the app manifest.xml

Is there any step I am missing so that the app can be built and deployed in lesser time.

Can anyone suggest best practices to "build and deploy" a SharePoint app(SharePoint Add-in) to Sharepoint Online?

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SharePoint is notoriously slow with API calls, 300 milliseconds is not uncommon

A very rough calculation

( 70 * 6 * 8 * .300 ) / 60

equals to your 16 - 18 minutes

Do Batch updates

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