We have a E3 Office subscription. We moved to Office 365 and still have an on prem 2013 Foundation Sharepoint farm. However when a user with O365 goes to SharePoint 2013 and exports a list to excel they get prompted for credentials, once signed in, it gives them the error:
"Cannot connect to the server at this time. Changes to your data cannot be saved"

Exporting work fine with office 2013.

I have added the site to the trusted sites. Removed Security feature Check for publisher's certificate revocation.

Looking for other suggestions.


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I had the same error and I resolved it by removing all credentials in Credential Manager. To access Credential Manager 1. Go to Control Panel 2. Click on Credential Manager

Credential Manager

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    Could you please add some more details around how to remove the credentials from the Credential Manager? It will make your answer more useful Aug 15, 2018 at 8:51

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