I am trying to filter a dataview webpart using a parameter ($Users) which is a string of usernames delimited by a semicolon (domain\user1;domain\user2;domain\user3;domain\user4).

This string is being passed in as a query string in the URL. I want to check if this string contains the username in a column (@UserID). I've tried using the query:

[contains($Users, @UserID)] 

This returns no results, even with just a single username and even when the parameter is not passed through as a query string and is instead just a default value.

Is the possible the way I am currently trying to do it? Should I split the string up and check each substring?

Thanks in advance.

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It appears, there is nothing wrong in what you're doing.. but there could be multiple reasons of why this is happening.

you could check the values of each one of you variables (Users UserID).

and note that tha contain function is case sensitive.. so also check the spelling of the name.. if you can provide the results of the variables we may be able to help you more.

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