I first posted my question yesterday at the following URL on stack overflow:

Creating DataView's on the Pages Library

After doing more research, I've concluded that my problem is with my implementation of the data view's accessing various page libraries throughout the site collection.

I found this link which explains exactly what I'm doing; however, there are no comments or answers on how to fix the problem.

Data view/ Data form web part causes a memory leak

The memory leak is caused by adding the WebUrl select parameter to point to different page libraries. As I have a different dataviews performing various operations on the same page libraries I'm guessing the other connections are being re-opened and not being disposed of correctly. [The reason I've added the WebUrl select parameter is so that I can make the webpart reusable by filtering the Article Type and WebURL across the site making it easy for my client in the future]

Please help if you've encountered this problem and know how to fix it! A simple point in the right direction will also be of service.

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Wow. I've never seen a memory leak in a DVWP before. Congrads.

So I'm thinking you can treat this leak just like any other leak. I would run the SPDisposeCheck utility on your DVWP and then use the dispose() method in XSLT. I've never done either of these things on XSL but I think you can. You may have to port the XSLT to VS2010 to get the utility to attach to the build.

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