I have a SharePoint list which I want to filter based on the query string parameter. I have applied the <parameterBindings> and when I pass query string parameter it works fine since the list is accessed directly using the URL below.


However, if I am adding a list view web part on the separate page and connecting it together with query string filter web part it does not work and the list view web part returns empty.

DO I need to do something else here?


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Yes , It's possible, I tried this on a wiki page and a web part page that worked properly

In your case, there are some points should be checked

  • Make sure that the provided filter name at URL is the same name provided in Query String Parameter Name within Query String (URL) Filter properties.

enter image description here

For Example : If the Query String Parameter Name is Title the Query String should be like this https://server/SitePages/Page.aspx?Title=Qassas

  • Make sure that you configure the connection from List to Query String (URL) Filter and select Get Filter values from

enter image description here

For more details check Open a Filtered List URL in a Modal Dialog in SharePoint

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