Background: I have a farm with 2WFE,2App and 1 DB server. I installed SharePoint 2013 Trail version on machines and then installed Project Server 2013 on top of it. I have installed SP1 and December 2015 CU of both SharePoint and Project servers on all machines respectively. Everything is working fine.

Problem: I purchased both SharePoint and Project Server License keys from Microsoft and when I tried to put the SharePoint Server 2013 key in Central Administration > Upgrade and Migration > Convert License Type it shows Project Server 2013 instead of SharePoint Server 2013 Trail Version. When i tried to provide SharePoint Server 2013 Key, it refused to accept. I put Project Server 2013 key, it accepted but now showing nothing against Current License. The Enter The Product Key box is also disabled.

Any idea to convert SharePoint License? I am afraid it will expire after the trail period as it never accepted the SharePoint license key i provided.

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Project Server is a superset license of SharePoint Server. You don't need to do anything except input the Project Server license key.

  • Thank you Trevor. Can you please share a Microsoft reference on this? Commented Jun 2, 2016 at 11:13

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