I just installed a SharePoint 2013 and configured the farm. As I used a server 2012 r2, I downloaded a slipstream version of SharePoint, found here.

After installed, when creating a site collection, I noticed there was just a few site collection templates. Supposing it was a license problem, since i had not inserted one during installation, i tryed to change it for a enterprise license using Update and Migration link.

There, the license textbox and OK button was disabled, By following the steps of this site, I filled the textbox with the license key and clicked OK and then the following error message displayed.

The product key could not be validated. Check the error logs for details.

Lots of search, no solution found here.

Has anyone a solution for it ?


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Thanks to Stefano Paterno. He found the source of problem

The problem was my setup download link. I've downloaded SharePoint Foundation instead of SharePoint Server 2013.

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