I want to export a SharePoint 2010 List and import it into another site. This list has 2500+ items in it and a Workflow attached to it. Workflow gets triggered on adding a new item.

If the List is exported, will the Workflow come along with the list when imported.

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No, it will not bring the workflows along with it. this is an extract from a nice Blog

Site export/import is almost useless for custom solutions that contain custom workflows, event receivers, custom web, and item properties, custom event receivers, version history etc. It has problems even if it’s used for simple sites that use only SharePoint out of the box functionality if it has listed with workflows and versioning enabled.

Guys tested 3 different options and said above. read more here. http://sharepoint-community.net/profiles/blogs/site-collection-backup-restore-vs-site-export-import-with-focus

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