I'm a newbie in SharePoint and I need advice. I would like to use SharePoint 2013 to manage order purchases assuming that each order can have multiple products related.

Due to SharePoint do not support a list inside a list, I think the solution is to create a list for the Orders requests and another list for the Products (of the order) and link each product with an Order ID. After that, I can create a view or page that join Source Data from both lists.

Is a better way to do that?


You can check the following blog, He created the purchase with using two lists with collection column.

  • Purchase order list contains order details, includes Purchase Order, Status, Purchase Date, Purchaser, Total Amount and Equipment.
  • And Equipment list records equipment details, includes Number, Equipment, Model, Brand and Price.

There is 3rd party template available, you can use that or check it for idea.


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  • The options that you propose me are great but are all pay options. Another option could be fill an order form using a repeating section for each product, isn't it? But I suppose that later I should transfer this information to a list to be able to display all orders in one single table. – Daniel Gil Mar 12 '16 at 9:30

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